Walking Zero by lanier67

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Playlist Song : Walkinf Zero – Sneaker Pimps
Sacrifice my vanity, kick off my heels
A careless weight on your hetred,
Understand it’s so simple, a simple please
To keep the faithful on a wounded knee,
To the madness I do confess
I never see myself as blessed
Confused, unaddressed,
Like a saviour I do caress,
The truth is boredom more or less
Unused, obsessed, my time is only given to you,
Too much to choose, it’s not mine to contemplate
If I can lose, with this blood on my shoes
Comprmise in full extreme, cut off my heels,
Name a price on what’s sacred
Guaranteed I’ve got something,
A royal disease, take a flood to clean these streets
To the madness I do confess, forever see myself as blessed
Immune, obsessed, like a saviour I do caress
The truth is boredom, it’s excess
Take more, give less, My time is only given up to you
Too much to choose, it’s not mine to contemplate if I can lose
With this blood on my shoes.
Done with the 2.8 100mm at an abnadoned fun fair dump near Berleburg

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